Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

  • What is EFT?
  • How do I use EFT in my practice?
  • What conditions will EFT help?
  • What is EFT?

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a unique form of "psychological acupuncture" that uses the ancient Chinese meridian system to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain. EFT balances the energy system with a tapping procedure which stimulates designated meridian endpoints on the face and body. Restoring the balance of the energy system neutralizes emotional conflicts at their source, which then allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. EFT is safe, easy to apply, and is non-invasive.

    Designed by Gary Craig, a personal performance coach in California, EFT belongs to a new class of treatments referred to as Energy Psychology. Gary has dedicated his work and life to teaching people how to overcome emotional and physical blocks to success and has been emotionally, spiritually and financially generous with his discoveries. EFT is one of the most effective, efficient, gentle treatment techniques.

    How do I use EFT in my practice?

    EFT has proven to be a valuable addition to the techniques I use in my practice. I will use EFT in conjunction with acupuncture or by itself in order to resolve any emotional issues that are part of the current health equation for my patient. These emotional issues are not dealt with in the way that a psychologist or other therapist would approach them, but are seen as causing an energy disruption in the body resulting in other physical conditions. By resolving this energetic disruption the body can more easily return to balance and restore good health.

    At your first session I will teach you to use EFT on your own so that you can continue the work we begin together. In addition I will give you a handout that describes the techniques and shows the tapping points. This "homework" is a very important part of this work particularly with chronic complex health conditions.

    What conditions will EFT help?

    EFT provides a quick and easy way to eliminate pain, such as headaches and backaches. It also can help you overcome cravings and addictions, such as smoking and alcohol. In addition, I often use EFT to relieve allergies as well as eliminate feelings of anger, depression, grief, guilt, and anxiety. Very often these emotions are at the root of other long-term health problems. Many patients have used EFT to overcome a fear of public speaking, performance anxieties or any athletic limitations, such as a golf score.

    For more information visit: www.emofree.com

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